To the people who matter the most…

On the days that you never want to forget, nothing feels better than opening a gift filled with love.

It has become my desire to be involved in these special moments. How can ones thoughtfulness turn into an experience? How can one’s gracefulness translate into the perfect gift?

So I thought to myself, why not create a space that brought the joy and reliability back to gifting. In a culture where gift giving is so essential, we at House of Jay want to be that go-to friend who tames the tone when you are struggling to find that perfect gift. By adding flavor to each step of the process, we hope to eliminate the hectic aspects of going out of your way to select a rushed gift because our lives simply get in the way.

Traveling the world and finding undiscovered talents, selecting pieces that will translate your thoughts into reality.

Open our doors and step into our house, you will discover who we are at House of Jay. We are here to bring life to your gifts - if it’s an anniversary, a birthday, a housewarming, or simply just because.

After all, it is all in the details.

With love,

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