Collection: COTE BOUGIE

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Cote Bougie, a cherished family-owned candle and home fragrances company nestled in the heart of Marrakech since 2003. This innovative brand consistently pushes boundaries, reinventing itself while modernizing its exquisite range of Oriental scents. With a strong commitment to utilizing local materials, Cote Bougie proudly showcases the exceptional craftsmanship of artisans, particularly the talented women they collaborate with. Each fragrance tells a unique story, evoking a sense of enchantment and tranquility.

We are delighted to announce that Cote Bougie's exceptional products are now available in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, allowing you to infuse your living spaces with the captivating essence of Marrakech. Indulge in the art of scents and discover the unparalleled beauty of Cote Bougie's candles and home fragrances.