Collection: Lydia Hardwick

Lydia Hardwick, a ceramicist and artist educator from Essex, UK, showcases her extraordinary talent through her work with clay. Spanning the realms of art and design, her creations encompass a wide range, from exquisite tableware to intricately crafted pots. Hardwick's pieces captivate viewers by engaging their senses on a visceral level. Employing surface techniques such as inlaying and slip decorating, she employs a meditative and intuitive approach to her craft, honed over years of working with clay. Lydia Hardwick's captivating ceramic creations have garnered international acclaim, and her artistic prowess has now expanded to reach new horizons.

Enthusiasts in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia can now experience the allure of her work firsthand. Embrace the beauty and artistry of Lydia Hardwick's ceramic masterpieces, available in select locations for you to admire and cherish.